For now, I am content to continue to work with all my “babies.” What about you? Do you often unpublish hubs? Do you spend time revising them to achieve higher scores? I’d be interested in hearing your perspective.Becky, that’s awesome about your Halloween hub. And it will go up a LOT more, I’m sure, as Halloween comes closer! I need to add more music and other video hubs to some of mine. Great suggestion!.

Sunny to cloudy days call for the AC Red lens, while the Yellow lens brightens an overcast day. Hardy grilamid TR 90 frame material ensures lasting durability and resistance to chemical and UV damage. Shatterproof, decentered polycarbonate lenses help reduce distortion and sharpen peripheral vision.

Kathryn (Toledo) Manuelito of Tempe, Arizona, Clarence Toledo, Jr. Of Williams, Arizona, and Dr. Eulynda Toledo of Santa Rosa, New Mexico. In Chaucer’s poetry, we also find that he has used lines of ten syllables and the lines are in couplets. Every line in a couplet rhyme with each other. Chaucer is also famous for his new form of stanza, which is called Chaucerian stanza.

And then there are the roughstock riders. The wild ones, Bird says, ones who shut down bars. I didn meet too many roughstock riders who had all their teeth. But that doesn’t mean anything you want to believe, or anything you want to do, can be defined as Wicca. To say Wicca is everything, you may as well say Wicca is nothing. Nothing but a catch all phrase tacked on for “cool points”..

Hi Red, I wish I had a better story to tell but after building some confidence working in admin roles I went back to study Med at 25. It was going fairly well until 5th year. I had dysthymia since I can remember and have had a few major depressive episodes in the past.

“It’s a general aura of safety and security over taking calculated and taking interesting risks around things,” she said. “I think that in, that general aura has lent itself in many ways to that reality. I think that we’ve had sort of an ossified approach and system to track everybody through the same sorts of experiences and, you know, there’s not a lot of real difference in the way we do school today versus decades ago.

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