Johnson, Susan G. Johnson, Kendall L. Jones, Lisa D. The nascent regional system covered an area of about 6000 km2 with a catchment population of 1.8 million and was served by five other district general hospitals’ accident and emergency departments and three ambulance services (see Table 1).Table 1 Summary of services and facilities for trauma care in North West Midland region, provided with experimental regional trauma system, and in two control regionsView this table:View popupView inlineWe examined changes in outcomes for trauma patients before and after the development of the trauma system. In order to control for secular trends over the four years studied, from January 1990 to December 1993, we compared changes in the experimental region with changes in two control regions Lancashire and Humberside which were similar to the North West Midlands region at the start of the study, before the development of the trauma system. Both control regions had a single central hospital which, like the North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary, had an accident and emergency department of good practice, with neurosurgery on site, to which patients with head injuries were referred from within the region, but neither had cardiothoracic surgery (see Table 1).We obtained approval for our observational study from the appropriate ethics committees.

Employees in the Classified Service, who demonstrate a proficiency in Spanish based on an oral and/or written assessment, approved by the City Manager or her/his designee, shall receive thirty five dollars ($35) per pay period as bilingual pay. Employees receiving bilingual pay will be asked to translate and assist other departments/divisions as requested. Bilingual pay shall be prorated for employees working less than full time and/or who are in an unpaid status for any part of the biweekly pay period..

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