Nighthag, thanks for taking the time to drop by. I am glad you enjoyed the info. A tattoo is a great present, everlasting that is. Despite the delays and confusion surrounding Wiggins situation, there remains no doubt on either side about a deal eventually being completed. Wiggins has long praised Minnesota and the organization for the way both have supported him after he was brought here in a trade. So it only a matter of when the contract is signed, not if..

With his novelist’s eye and footing in the West, McMurtry is positioned to deliver as good a book on the pair as we’re likely to get. Having apparently led a less eventful life, there are fewer events concerning her that may be apocryphal. Still, we can’t be certain even of her real name: While we know that she changed it to Oakley after a respectable neighborhood in Cincinnati nobody is quite sure whether she was born Phoebe Ann Moses or Phoebe Ann Mozee.

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Note: Chalk it up to nostalgia, but I prefer the Nancy Drew mystery stories as they were written prior to 1960. I have several copies of the earlier printings and like the “old fashioned” method of Nancy’s character development. I don’t know if the earlier renditions of titles such as Secret of the Old Clock and Hidden Staircase would appeal to today’s readers, but older versions of these books are amusing and have a certain charm.

The range available is now large and growing all the time. Inventive new products regularly hit the marketplace. Occupational therapists offer good advice on the type of items which might be of use. Average debt to equity has been high at 1.5 times and stood at more than 2 times in the latest year. Operating profit margin has been close to 16% on an average and net profit margin has been comparatively quite low at just 7.3%. The stock is currently trading at 24 times its trailing twelve month earnings which does not seem justified as per its financials.

January 28, 2018 Baquer Namazi is granted a four day leave by the Iranian government, after being discharged from an Iranian hospital. Namazi’s family say the 81 year old was rushed to the hospital on January 15 after a severe drop in his blood pressure, an irregular heartbeat and serious depletion of energy. This was the fourth time Namazi had been transferred to a hospital in the last year.