The character of Tom Sawyer was modeled on twain as a child, with traces of two schoolmates, John Briggs and Will Bowen. Some have called it the first Great American Novel. Finn was an offshoot from Tom Sawyer and proved to have a more serious tone than its predecessor.

18, appearing in a total of three games, then was sidelined again because of recurring pain. Off the field Viacom Inc. Federal Communications Commission for airing indecent material during the Super Bowl halftime show, when singer Janet Jackson breast was exposed.

The third period was marred by a line brawl at 10:28. Sundogs goal Doug Groenestege came down the ice from his own crease and hit a blindsided Juliano Pagliero. For his efforts Groenestege earned an instigator minor, fighting major, and instigator game misconduct.

My dad’s Gender Dysphoria comes with other personality nuances added to the fact that I’m an outspoken woman, has created strife between us. I’ve always nodded my head in agreement to everything he’s said before now a very complacent daughter to the man I looked up to. Since I no longer do that because this sisterhood of silence was finally broken, it may be a more authentic relationship, it is more troubled as well.

Question: I have two Singer sewing machines, a 301A and a 401A. These machines were made in the ’50s and ’60s, are all metal and driven by gear, not belt. In my opinion, they are worth their weight in gold (or at least silver) as opposed to the newer, lightweight plastic machines being made today.

The majority of Dr Woodman’s work is focused on the policy and regulatory aspects of a transition to sustainable energy systems and her publications reflect this area she has developed. She currently sits on the Board of Trustees for Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change. Bridget has been involved in engaging with a wide range of stakeholders, including companies, communities and individuals on both climate and energy related issues.

We ran two DST workshops, where 20 community participants were supported to create short digital stories about personal experiences of adherence. We then hosted 151 screenings of the digital stories at seven local health facilities and evaluated the impact of the intervention using a three tiered mixed methods approach. We conducted two independent quantitative surveys of healthcare users (852 respondents during the preintervention round and 860 people during the postintervention round), five focus group discussions and observation of practice.