Martin continues his unbelievable run becoming the first player since Marco Emond (Arizona), who won the weekly award on December 29 and January 5 last season, to be named the league’s top goaltender in back to back weeks. During the week, the Fort Worth, Texas native stopped 77 of 81 shots for a.951 save percentage. His two wins gives him 13 on the season, tied for second in the league and his league leading goals against average fell to 2.10.

With every pair of eyewear you purchase, TOMS will help give sight to a person in need. One for One. The active and outgoing style. “I really shaped up my short game, which has helped me score better, and I been learning some new shots and they helped me on the course,” she said. On both days, I played really well on the front I was 1 over on the first day and 1 under on the second. Toward the back I was a little tired but I stayed consistent.”.

However, (most people don’t know this) did you know there are two more Tom Sawyer books also written by Mark Twain? I had only a hint about one when I was little and no idea about the other. It wasn’t until I was a full grown adult that I was finally able to find and read the other two. I’ll talk about Tom Sawyer Abroad in another hub.

This would occur on school nights and weekends. One text message said he was pretty hard. Another read, fallen for you. I have gone through the instructions very carefully, sometimes repeating them in a different order, and had to wrestle hard with killing off some of the critters. Mediapass was especially tenacious. Refused to let me remove the directory or kill the processes.

Glasses usually have size info written on the inside of one of the arms, so one option is to check out a regular store, find a size/style that suits you well, and write down the numbers (lens width, bridge width, arm length) to look other glasses up online. You could also look at the store above, do the virtual try on thing, and then look up where you can buy the same pair elsewhere. Fwiw, Canada’s still at a lower exchange rate than the US, though shipping costs might balance it out..

It is truly one of the most meaningful gifts anyone has ever given me and I will always be grateful to Reg for this. Kris Farmer (step son)Cory and Ashley Jones (son and daughter). Reg had three best buddies, Cameron Haggerty, Wayne Morrissey and Ken Marshall, whom he shared his life thoughts and ideas.

Helpful Recipe and Gift Giving Notes One batch makes about 3/4 of a quart of eggnog. We usually triple the recipe, which yields about a half gallon. The making of a triple batch is shown in the photos. The dog, therefore, pulls because by doing so he got to sniff that spot he was curious about, he got to meet his friend or got to say hello to your neighbor. Pulling brings rewards! The dog jumps because he gets pet when he jumps or alternatively he gets scolded. Dogs who crave attention will appreciate even the occasional scolding, because negative attention is ultimately better than no attention at all! Placing a paw on the owner’s lap was very likely reinforced because at some point he was pet, or he got attention from other people when he did this.