Coakley Rivera on Tuesday submitted 1,519 certified signatures to the Secretary of State’s office to run against Ashe, who has held the position since 1983. A candidate needs 1,000 certified signatures to get a spot on the ballot.Cheryl Coakley Rivera looks to next (potential) political chapter: Hampden County register of deedsCheryl Coakley Rivera, former state representative and assistant Hampden Superior Court clerk, has signaled her intent to run for Hampden County register of deeds.She thanked everyone who helped her obtain the signatures throughout the county, “from my high school classmates at Cathedral to my law school brothers and sisters,” she said.When she went to submit her signatures Coakley Rivera met a young man named Frederick Rivera (no relation) registering to vote for the first time. She said she will work hard to earn the trust and votes of the people of Hampden County..

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Krutch was an amateur Knoxville painter dedicated to landscapes of his beloved mountains. “Mountain Splendor” includes his large oil “Chimney Tops From Bear Pen Hollow.” “Chimney Tops” was the last painting Krutch finished before his 1934 death. Also shown are five delicate Krutch watercolors of mountains, streams and trees.

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