So, we all keep marching along on a life journey, but if every person and every religion has a plan or a thought or a vision about the end of the world, then mine is that God created this incredibly imaginative and complex and exquisite planet teeming with life and beauty and danger, and it’s taken billions of years. And it’s not about to end ,and if I am granted the chance to reach old age, real old age, I’m thinking I will be right: we’ll still be muddling along. Look me up in 50 years, if the world isn’t gone.

“Great American Tall Tales” Today Sunday. Christian Youth Theatre North Idaho presents a spring musical featuring characters from American folklore including Annie Oakley, Davy Crocket, Pecos Bill, Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan, John Henry and more. Salvation Army Kroc Center, 1765 W.

Ideally, I’d like to see the current story end with Luffy being around 28 29. So the story so far roughly taking 9 12 years to complete. From Pre Grandline, Paradise, 3D2Y break, New World. Featuring the waterproof and breathable protection of GORE TEX to seal out wet conditions, 170 g PrimaLoft Gold insulation to insulate against bitter winter temps, and a buttery soft fleece lining for a soft, cozy feel, the Legend combines protection with comfort like never before. Updated 3D patterning gives the Legend more dexterity than ever before, and the supple yet durable sheep leather fingers and palm allow for dramatically improved feel. Read more.

Enter Joana Harrell, Smith’s guidance counselor at Ferguson and a Saint Paul’s alum. She contacted Tiger coach Ed Joyner, who knew all about Antwain Smith but figured, quite frankly, the kid was out of Saint Paul’s league. But Smith, again quite frankly, had few options.

If you Google Glass is a bit too much work for you, then an East London start up company has the answer. This ‘mind funding’ free app lets users take photos and upload them online using just their brain power. So how does this work you say? Apparently the new software reads brain waves by using a head mount and pulse monitors with a Google Glass headset, which allows the user to control the device with their thoughts..

One year, 10 secretaries received clothing allowances of $5,000 and blew it all by shopping at Gucci and I. Magnin’s across the street. On casual Fridays, members of the blond squad wore miniskirts or shorts with crop tops, lace anklets and high heels.

A recent poll indicates that, “Most Americans continue to feel their fellow citizens are becoming ruder and less civilized, and half say they have actually confronted someone over their behavior.” The article goes on to say that 76% of American’s feel that rudeness is increasing. Douglas Fields attempts to explain rudeness in context with human brain development. “The latest scientific research,” says Fields, “backs up with detailed molecular and cellular mechanisms what [we] always knew intuitively, that through adolescence, the human brain is molded by the social environment in which a child is reared.