In its most compact mode, the smartphone will look just like that: a smartphone. Opening the phone up to reveal the second display extends the device’s function in several ways. The second display can be used as a dedicated on screen.. Alison’s design portfolio includes everything from logos to packaging and product design for clients such as Chronicle Books, Citibabes, and Aerie, as well as Gibbs Smith. She lives in New York. Famous quotes include: “Every moment has its pleasures and its hope,” “Wisdom is better than wit, and in the long run will certainly have the laugh on her side,” “When I fall in love, it will be forever,” and “Without music life would be a blank to me.”Each doodle art image has been carefully selected to provide plenty of enjoyment, inspiration, and relaxation.

Then went up with P/O Hansel doing a search.SATURDAY 10Robinson Mackie still missing. Had our final Navigation Exam in morning. Did not do the plot very well. I have to emphasize the convictions of Africans about death with the following explanation: While Christians believe that the way to God the Creator is through Jesus Christ and/or the Virgin Mary, and while Muslims believe the true medium is Mohammed, all Africans believe that their ancestors are in direct contact with God. The Batswana’s name for God is Modimo. Even while the majority of Africans were Christianized since the arrival of Western Culture, they still believe that their deceased beloveds are where they belong at Home with Modimo.

The social season at this resort generally commences shortly after the Fourth of July it is to be expected that the usual round of gayeties will soon be inaugurated Alexander J. Cassatt, president of the Pennsylvania railroad [and brother to Mary Cassatt, the Impressionist painter] arrived here Saturday to join his family at the cottage. July 7, Bangor Daily Commercial..

Murray State University was founded after passage of Senate Bill 14 by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, which created two normal schools in the early 20th century to address the growing demand for professional teachers. One was to be located in the western part of the state, and many cities and towns bid for the new normal school. Rainey T.

MILWAUKEE A driver and passenger were taken to the hospital after police said a Ford Escape they were in crashed following a police pursuit on Saturday, May 11. The crash happened near 45th and Center, after police said officers spotted the vehicle traveling recklessly near Appleton and Lancaster. Stop sticks were deployed at 45th and Center, where the Escape rear ended a taxi and struck a pole the impact causing the vehicle to roll over.