Sporting greats were acknowledged, with Olympian and former Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke appointed an AO. Cyclist Cadel Evans and motorcycle champion Casey Stoner were appointed AMs, while OAMs went to Commonwealth Games gold medallist runner Andrew Lloyd, world title winning squash player Michelle Martin, Australian rules and rugby administrator Ross Oakley, former Wallaby Bill Ross and swimming great Matt Welsh. In the arts field, figurative painter and philanthropist Robert Dickerson and sculptor photographer Fiona Hall were appointed Officers (AO) in the General Division.

Sometimes it is possible to fix the problem you have. Sometimes the leak is caused by the pointing failing where the material enters the wall. This isn’t usually the cause of a leaking roof, but it can sometimes need touching up. Think we played great defense; I think they played great defense, Search said. Made some great defensive plays, which kept them in the game, and we made some defensive plays, which kept us in. They were fortunate enough to get that one run at the end and that was the difference.

I prefer we use tactics available to us as civilized people like free speech, shaming and voting. The “but it’s only a milkshake and the ends justify the means” argument is a slippery slope and one that won’t age well as we look back on this time period. Criticizing trump and his administration for their incivility while also harassing People like Sarah sanders while they eat and throwing milkshakes on people is pure hypocrisy.

OTHERS: 6. Stanford (Bobby Dockter, Alex Fletcher, Ben Muth, Allen Smith); 7. Kansas State (Matt Boss, Justin D’Arcy, John Hafferty, Caleb Handy, Brad Rooker, Ryan Schmidt, Gerald Spexarth); 8. He originally was part of a two man group, the aforementioned Simon and Garfunkel, and then became incredibly successful as a solo artist. If you’ve ever heard the song, Bridge Over Troubled Water, on the radio, you’ve heard the original. No one has had the cojones to remake that song..

Believe it or not but Tanzania is gaining popularity in the tourism sector as it is one of the very popular tourist destinations worldwide. More and more tourists become attracted to come and visit this amazing country largely due to the fact that it is one of the most peaceful countries in Africa, if not at all the most peaceful. This makes tourism safe for every tourist from outside the country and even from within the country.

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