While I do regret some of the rhetoric used to attack opponents in an attempt to correct their misinformation, I do not wish them any harm and I apologize if I appeared to make it personal, it was never meant to go that far. After having reflected on some of the things I wrote, let me just say I am passionate about Oakley and East County politics and will serve as a reminder that next time I will need to keep my emotions in check as opposed to sticking with the issue before I post something. Measure S taught me something and it will make me a better person next time..

It’s important that candidates don’t bundle direct democracy in with other policies they support. For example, saying something like “we need direct democracy to legalize marijuana” will alienate a section of the public who don’t agree; even if it’s impossible for D3 to favor any position. Unfortunately, some D3 parties openly support a left or right wing agenda..

Did excellent, Washington said. Really did. He surprised me, for not being out on the baseball field for a while. First, classic Win32 apps (“desktop versions”) have had access to a subset of useful WinRT components (WinRT the COM replacement, not WinRT the OS SKU) since early in Windows 8 history. (8.1 and 10 both opened up further the WinRT APIs that Win32 apps can consume.) A lot of the APIs only make sense inside the “sandbox” as you refer to it, but it not locked down quite as much as you think it is. [Then there the recently built Project Centennial bridge to give Win32 apps even greater access to WinRT APIs and the ability to spin up modern user interfaces in a mixed interop model and ease transitions between the two types of apps.]Second, that doesn actually matter in this case anyway (and is a red herring) because it is Cortana automating Office and not the other way around.

Dig around the roots. Use a shovel to dig next to the stump, exposing the roots underneath the surrounding dirt. Move around the circumference of the stump and continue digging until you’ve exposed all of the largest roots around the tree. Lane County voters want a person with these values on the bench. Everyone in the race agrees with Mulier about bringing progressive values to the courtroom, however. Leiman, one of Mulier opponents, believes that being ought not be a deciding factor in picking a judge.

Brent Hill, R Rexburg, said of Gov. Butch Otter veto of the bill to ban smoking in Idaho bowling alleys, don think it has anything to do with me. Hill, the Senate tax chairman, was the lead Senate sponsor of the smoking bill his name was on the bill.