Did email us and let us know that they could use some help so we dispatched seven members and six dogs to help out with the search efforts. Last report shows they have found three victims. Unfortunately, none of them was alive by the time they found them, Lee said.

Short Account of the Church from the Restoration to 1833. Charles II. James II. There were days, especially when I was pregnant with my second child, that I really wanted a nap, or five minutes to fold laundry or to go to the bathroom alone. I felt guilty putting my son in front of the TV. I would do it sometimes, but I beat myself up every time I did.

Even in my role as buzzard over Clipper owner Donald T. Sterling’s head, I didn’t think he’d blow it with Michael Olowokandi, which now seems a possibility. Not that Olowokandi’s vent in Utah about the toll that contract situations take of them was appropriate, or that he doesn’t sometimes cop an attitude, but he’s still a young, happening 7 footer and the key to re signing Elton Brand, which makes him the linchpin to the whole deal and precious beyond description.

It’s a big week for Sandy as Betty’s friend Maisie (played by guest star Wendy Craig) arrives in the village to pass on some gifts. The two pensioners instantly hit it off and Sandy is disappointed to learn she won’t be sticking around. But when its revealed that one of the presents from Betty is a pair of tickets to Australia, Laurel gets a bright idea..

James, who averaged 33.6 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists, couldn’t have done all that much more in the Finals. Yes, there were moments he didn’t grab control, but the real problem was that the Cavs couldn’t stop the Warriors’ offense. They move the ball too well.

My 18 month old failed his newborn hearing screening 3 times in the hospital. They chalked it up to fluid and just had me follow up with more testing. The first audiologist he saw said he detected fluid. Is there one ‘way’ to make the perfect card?plain copy paper, colored copy paper, construction paper, cardstock, buttons, sequins, glitter, , lace, , quilled creations, or whatever else strikes your fancy.The sticker aisles are filled with all kinds of clever decorations to attach to cards; watch for sales and stock up.A Cricut is a lovely gadget to use as you can create many designs to attach to your card. Maybe you can put one on your Christmas or birthday list.A simple, handmade greeting card created by you speaks volumes to anyone who receives one.Use calligraphy pens, brush tip sharpies, , and other decorations to glam up your card. I came across them the other day.