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You’ll be the ultimate sophisticated socialite this season with these chic sunglasses from Ray Ban. Mirrored frames with metal arms and plastic arm tip covers. Lenses provide 100% UV protection. Oct. 30 at the salon and will include refreshments and a sidewalk sale. For more details or to donate, contact owners Donna Serebrin or Danice Heathcock at 251 661 5925..

This is coupled with the new BaltiMeter Billing system which would go into effect in October and introduce monthly billing. Customers would be able to track their water usage on their tablets, PCs, and smart phones. Collapses and blockages in sewer lines lead to overflows into nearby streams and basement backups.

There have been days where I was angry at God for taking my baby away. There have been days where I was encouraged by other women going through the same day. There have been days where I felt nothing but pure joy at those few days I had with nothing but pure joy at the knowledge that I was finally pregnant.

Let’s see if ETaps keeps it up. By the all star game the Wizards should be eliminated from the playoffs so there will be no reason not to play the young guys and limit AJ and CB to 30 mins a game. If the team fired EJ and gave ETaps the responsibility to develop the young guys then do it.

4 Elena Karakozoff Sr. 5 Madison Jones Jr. 6 Josephine Oakley So. In other words, doctrine depends on the communion of the saints. They help us speak of God as we should. We need to hear their voice. When i first got this monitor it was very awsome. And still is. No dead pixels or nothing.

Welch, a Hastings, MN native, has played three games with the Colorado Eagles this season posting an assist this past Friday in Mississippi. Prior to joining the CHL, Welch spent three seasons in the American Hockey League (AHL) and a couple in the East Coast Hockey Leauge (ECHL). The 5 foot 10, 210 pound forward has played overseas, including early last season where he averaged nearly a point a game in Denmark.