From trips to the beach or playing in your very own backyard, summertime means fun time. Of course, it also means the sun will be shining, bringing hotter temperatures to your area. What better way to cool off than with a homemade popsicle? We love making our own popsicles not only is it a fun family activity, but because it ensures that we know exactly what’s in them.

Pea coat jackets for women are great for any seasons of the year especially winter when the temperature drops at night. On any other seasons, they are just stunningly beautiful for an outerwear. They are simply gorgeous and giving you the warmth and comfort in one single piece.

This amps one up to get that “second wind” and keep going until the adrenaline and creative brain energy are exhausted. For people who are chronically stressed and tried, we may wake up about 1am with our mind going round and round analyzing and organizing our thoughts, the cupboards, our lives and our problems. This “stress” of being alert and awake during “rest” time, dumps adrenaline into our body and we can’t wind down for several hours in the middle of the night.

Skinny: Gone is Nicole Floyd, Stonewall Jackson’s unquestioned leader and a vaunted presence in the post who averaged 23.6 points per game. But with the first all team All Met pick departed for a career at Wake Forest, the 6A runner up Raiders’ cupboard isn’t entirely bare. Genesis Parker (13.7 ppg), who transferred from O’Connell last season, is a lefty who possesses a quick first step and a penchant for driving the lane.

FOG forced a premature end to Ballarat harness races on Thursday night. Stewards abandoned the meeting after four races, deeming it unsafe for racing owing to limited visibility. Ballarat and District Trotting Club CEO Paul Rowse said Harness Racing Victoria rules stated that all stewards’ towers must visible from the main tower, which at Bray Raceway is situated just past the finish line.

61 min: The winners of this game, by the way, will face Notts County. If you’ve got the option of multi tabbed browsing available to you, have a look at the draw in full. Come back, mind. Star Cruises’ Norwegian Star made its final visit to Newcastle in 2000, a year after this paper reported Sydney Olympic patrons could land in Newcastle ahead of the sporting spectacle. In recent years, Newcastle has become the doorway to the Hunter for travellers arriving by sea but less than a decade ago, ships were lingering in Port Stephens rather than berthing in Newcastle itself. While Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth is due to arrive this season, the Celebrity Solstice retains the honour of being the region’s biggest visitor to date.