Another thing that would be awesome is to use a name that plays off of my brother’s name, boy or girl. He was a victim of a homicide 4 months shy of his 21st birthday. His name is Jason. Trade deadline preview The time for self evaluation is over. Trade deadline looming, you are either a buyer or a seller or, in the case of a handful of fringe contenders trying to thread the needle between hanging around the 2019 race and boosting the roster for 2020 or beyond, maybe both. Or neither..

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Fucking stupid orange lovers and stupid fucking oranges.”And then someone came up and said, “What are they on about?” And I said, “I have no idea. We all were looking at this neat picture of a bunch of apples and then they came in and started screeching about how much oranges suck. We should probably avoid interacting with this person.

Our kids were born in Michigan. First a son John Mark and then Jennifer Lillian. (While she was a student at Southern College she made the decision to be called Lilly because of the overabundance of Jennifers in her age group!) I was so lucky to be a stay at home mom for 10 years.

I personally know him and his wife. There is a lot of important information left out in this wsj article. I met this dude while at USC grad school. You have to imagine a few folks might request a timeout. Of the 20 year variety. Barry Trotz’s reputation will not be helped.

However, it flown a bit under the radar that young point guard Elfrid Payton also appears to be available. According to Sporting News Sean Deveney, Payton be had, too. Before Frank Vogel landed with the Magic, Payton was seen as a potential trade chip for Orlando.