And lastly, they all row very well, have great length, and a lot of guys sub 6:20.Men Varsity 8+:1) Long Beach they found it in themselves to get back that 2 seconds they lost to oakland by in the heats to beat them in the semi They made a big lineup change which i guessing has given them extreme confidence in their ability and they use that to their advantage. Still, even though they had a great race against Oakland yesterday, oakland has got experience in that same lineup and i think it gonna be an extremely close race.2) Oakland The big dog that was probably the safest bet but I don see them with the sprint that Long Beach has, it gonna be a dog fight between the two and it come down to the last 350 when one breaks free.3) Sarasota We saw they have a fast 1k and a fast sprint but I think Oakland and Beach will separate themselves too much from Sarasota in the base of the piece.4) Marin A extremely talented boat that is just as much in it as the top 3, however, they had a last minute lineup change and I don know if they be able to make up as much ground on Oakland and Sarasota in the 3rd 500 as they normally do on other crews.5) CRI Underdog crew that didn have any big showings earlier in the season until now when it matters. I think they have got the attitude and them and Central will duke it out for the 5th place with CRI taking it in the last 500.6) Central Catholic Central will be in the middle of the pack in the first 500 i believe however they gonna fall back and be competing with CRI mostly for 5th throughout the base of the piece and I don see them with the depth late in the piece like CRI does..

Was his reply. Can you believe it? He finally agreed that if you didn read the Morning News, and had just gone to the polling place that day, you WOULD NOT have known a toll road was in the mix. How that for an informed journalist?. TAMPA A little over a year ago, a fight broke out in a parking lot off Bruce B. Downs Boulevard and ended with a man getting slashed across the face and stabbed in the back. The person with the knife claimed self defense and has invoked Florida s “stand your ground” law..

“The bottom line here is, this is a new day for championship teams being invited to the White House. This is just the first championship team that is going to face a whole new dilemma. How will this team deal with this dilemma? I would like to point out that there are going to be white players in that locker room who have just as big an issue for different reasons, perhaps, as the black players, with the current presidential administration.I would suggest that this team needs to have a team meeting, at this point.