Also waiting long periods of time can completely change the type of punishment. A 10 year sentence for a 20 year old man isn the same as a 10 year sentence on a 60 year old man. You will often times see papers, lawyers, and judges refer to a 10 20 year sentence as a life sentence for older people due to the increased likely hood that person will die in prison yet those crimes don carry a life time sentence.

It’s built around that timer. But people want a way to farm and I get that. With the fail rate being what it is (having no normal mode so to speak) it can be very frustrating. He was 36.SWIMMING: Ian Thorpe narrowly missed a world record in the 400 meter freestyle at a World Cup short course meet in Stockholm, Sweden, and Jason Lezak of the United States won the 100 free.Thorpe finished in 3 minutes, 34.63 seconds, just 0.05 short of fellow Australian Grant Hackett’s mark. Dragos Coman of Romania was second, nearly nine seconds behind Thorpe, world champion in the 200, 400 and 800 freestyle.Lezak finished in 47.41, beating Algeria’s Salim Iles by nearly half a second. South Africa’s Roland Shoeman was third.FIGURE SKATING: Elena Sokolova landed a rare triple lutz triple toe loop combination, narrowly beating world champion and Olympic silver medalist Irina Slutskaya in the short program at the European Championships in Malmoe, Sweden.Sokolova, in her first international competition in five years, has landed the difficult combination in competition two consecutive days, including qualifying Monday.FOOTBALL: UCLA received commitments from St.

The Islanders play 18 of their last 26 games on the road, where they are just 7 12 4. Have a lot of road games and a crappy road record. We got to get better on the road, Weight said. Back in 1968 Richard Harris had a surprise international hit with Jim Webb’s McArthur Park and released several albums, Miami Vice’s Don Johnson had a Top Five hit with Heartbeat in the 80s releasing two albums and co writing songs with The Allman Brothers Band, William Shatner debuted in 1968 with a typically eccentric album featuring interpretive recitations of Mr Tambourine Man and and followed it up in 2004 with Has Been featuring Henry Rollins, Adrian Belew, and others. For some inexplcable reason David Hasselhoff’s music is popular in Europe. Has indulged his love of blues and harmonica live and on two albums, Warren Zevon OCD buddy Billy Bob Thornton has done the same with country music on four albums, as has the six degrees of separation man Kevin Bacon with sibling on three albums, while even Steven Seagal has released two albums and worked with Stevie Wonder (!), one advantage of Stevie being blind I guess..