Les choses les plus banales lui apparaissent sous des aspects fantastiques. Il se veut justicier, se voulant sauveur. Il se promne en Don Quichotte : un simple sac en peau de croco d’le s’agrandit aux proportions d’un saurien vaurien cherchant happer une dame apeure.

You and Colt would leave almost every single night to abandoned lots and rooftops to teach you how to work it, persevering even when you nearly crashed it into an electrified fence. Afterwards, the two of you would drive to the overpasses of Los Angeles to watch the stars and lights of the city with a crisp beer between the two of you. There wasn any talking, just a comfortable silence as the two of you enjoyed each other presence and the nearness of it all..

Margays are not as well known as their ocelot relatives due to their secretive nature and their arboreal lives. There’s a lot that we still need to learn about the behaviour of these beautiful cats. If we understand more about their lives and their reproduction requirements, we may be able to protect them better..

I probably fixating on this admittedly minor wrinkle amid a much broader picture because I simply can spare any further mental energy on that bigger picture (see last week column again). The best news for me today is that I might not have to think or talk about this tomorrow. But this particular wrinkle does fascinate me.

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Summary of Isaiah 14’Deliverance of Israel from captivity, which shall follow the downfall of the great empire, Isa 14:1, Isa 14:2. Triumphant ode or song of the children of Jacob, for the signal manifestation of Divine vengeance against their oppressors, vv. 3 23.

The next day was nearly all Hammond, who, after taking great care to play himself in, scored his second 50 in an hour, and his third in 28 minutes, many of his runs coming from powerful strokes through the covers. He was severe on Fleetwood Smith, who also came in for punishment from Wyatt. When 32, Hammond might possibly have been caught by Alexander at mid off off Fleetwood Smith, and at the close of play his score stood at 169 out of 362 for 7..

The second floor is for the creators. Here is where people who aspire to learn more about the craft of making content almost entirely video and amassing fans. It’s an aspirational setting. Oakley, who has played one game for the Strikers this season, arrived in Canberra on Saturday night and will fly back to Adelaide on Monday. The left arm opener took 1 17 in the semi final and 1 20 in the grand final. Rain threatened to cancel the match before Wests UC set defending champion Albury Wodonga a massive run chase in the grand final, smashing 187 off their 20 overs.