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Intervention evaluation has its origins in the social sciences, notably education and psychology.8,9 To strengthen the criteria for appraising evaluative research in public health we have drawn upon a broad based literature beyond the fields of epidemiology and evidence based medicine. We acknowledge, however, the limitation of relying on the English language literature.IS THE RESEARCH GOOD ENOUGH?If the research is good enough, it will confirm and quantify the causal relation between the intervention and its effects where such a relation exists. Good research will also help us to understand why an intervention appears to be effective or ineffectiveLevels of evidence and causalityThe assessment of causality for evidence based health care has mostly depended upon the level of evidence, which traditionally has been defined by the study design used in evaluative research.

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Integrative and aggregative synthesis methods have been proposed.17 The EPPI (Evidence for Policy and Practice Information and Co ordinating Centre at the Institute of Education, London) approach involves the parallel synthesis of, for example, intervention studies (quantitative methods) and perspectives studies (qualitative methods). This is not an integrative approach because findings from studies with different designs are dealt with separately before being brought together in a ‘mosaic’ to answer the research question.19 A recent proposal for ‘best fit’ framework synthesis generates an a priori framework from literature describing conceptual models or theories. Next, deductive (using the framework) and inductive coding (data driven) using principles of thematic analysis are used to perform the synthesis.20 While currently proposed for the synthesis of qualitative evidence alone, there is potential to adapt this integrative method of synthesis for use with diverse evidence..