Nothing short of rebranding an institution. As the new director of Glimmerglass, Francesca Zambello has pumped up the 36 year old summer opera series, partnering with the art museum, the Baseball Hall of Fame, and even a boutique brewery, to create a full fledged festival. With discounted tickets for opera newbies and docking facilities for kayaks, Zambello means to make it an all access event..

TrickstersWhile in Macedonia, the Apostle Paul was followed by a woman who was possessed by demons. She practiced divination while showering praise on Paul and his Christian mission. By doing this, evil spirits hoped to confuse the populace by comingling Satan’s work with the work of the Gospel.

When the vertical motion finally stopped, I was hanging over a huge drop with a rocky riverbed below, and the cord wrapped right around my legs giving the impression that it was all that was holding me up. The operators were shouting at me to remove my ankle from the twisted cord so that they could pull me back up. My rational mind knew that I was securely fastened at the hip, but the tension of the cord on my ankle made it feel like I depended on it and that I would fall to my death the second I unwrapped it.

“Changing a product does not necessarily make you free from litigation, so the settlement amounts are increasing. In 2007, the average settlement was $76,000 and in 2008, the average was $123,000. The incentive for companies to use labeling to avoid that is becoming stronger and stronger.

Mandrell suffered a concussion and severe leg and ankle injuries in a two car collision north of Nashville Sept. 11, 1984. The driver of the other car was killed. If we plan it, is it still procrastination?If we schedule in fun, and give ourselves permission to do so, are we still procrastinating? That is a good question. While procrastinating, there is often a feel of guilt over being “naughty” that goes with it. So if we schedule in the pleasure and give us permission to enjoy it, this may negate the sense of “procrastination” that goes along with unplanned “pleasure.” So, the answer to the original question may be both yes and no.

The next ball rolls off the pads for a leg bye. The last ball is short from Chahal and Grandhomme cuts it through point for another FOUR. Big over for New Zealand as 18 runs come off it.. Every day, every single day, for a year, for a whole year, I wrote a poem and 2012 was a leap year, giving me an extra day. Some days I wrote two or three poems because I was inspired by something in the newspaper. I ended the year with about 400 poems.