Stroller is suitable for use by newborns, and children up to 55lb. In weight. With the optional car seat adapter, you can connect the Zippy Light stroller with the following car seats: Maxi Cosi (Mico 30, Max 30) Cyber (Aton, Aton Q, Aton 2) Nuna (Pipa) car seats. Proudly made in Italy. Sleek and Versatile: Modular Frame, 6 Modes of use reversible so baby can face in or out Carriage Mode, Frame Stroller, Travel System, Toddler Stroller Carriage Mode: Seat converts easily to a carriage mode Frame Stroller: Lightweight and compact Universal fit: All items fit on most single strollers Stroller Netting: Defends against bees, bugs, mosquitos and flying insects. Elastic edges make assembly easy, and ultra fine mesh allows fresh air flow.

The other factor for all 80’s NBA players and teams is pace of play back then. There were more possessions back then generally and different defensive rules/less emphasis on defense which makes it somewhat harder to compare player stats. A lot of teams were focused on just getting as many points on the board and didn’t put much focus on their D.

Is it scary? Sure it is! Thousands of people would love to attack me for my views. I’ve been called a heretic, a shame to any African religion and so on. But I don’t do what I do to buck the system. My line of work, if you know things you reveal them, then you put your life at risk. It has been hectic and I glad that we have finally managed to issue the report. Said other whistle blowers, such as former Sars undercover agent Mike Peega, have been in the media just like me with the rhino horn story a former special forces soldier, was accused of being part of a rhino poaching syndicate and was fired by Sars after internal processes..

This same source reported that a large number of Hilary’s Facebook “Likes” were purchased, not earned. Seven percent of these likes were generated in Baghdad, Iraq, suggesting that Hilary buys Facebook followers on a global basis to create the false impression that she is an inexorable tide that is burying the opposition, when in fact she has to pay poor students in the Arab world to create an illusion of widespread support that she simply does not have. There are also accusations that she has paid astroturfing trolls in the English speaking world to denounce Bernie supporters in online forums.

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