Spin chalk sign. Rockwall with multi colored rocks. Pre cut, pre drilled and pre stained lumber for ease of assembly. I don’t know why I didn’t sock him in his groin, except that I was a “good girl”, one who wouldn’t make that much of a fuss. And I also don’t know why I didn’t wet my pants. Or maybe I did but don’t remember..

Gotta go. Just hiked in the forest but meeting a friend for Italian in Old Lake Highlands before we go to the bazaar on Harry Hines for soccer uniforms and handmade Hellado (Mexican Iced Cream) in Pleasant Mound (east of Piedmont, north of Pleasant Grove, SE Dallas) Dinner tonight? Vietnamese on Bryan in East Dallas. You get the drift..

Austin Romine hit a go ahead two run homer with two outs in the seventh inning as the New York Yankees beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 7 5 Wednesday afternoon at Yankee Stadium. ET trade deadline passed without a major deal for the Yankees and his blast gave New York a 4 3 lead. He put a jolt into a crowd that sat through a 36 minute rain delay and thunderstorms when he hammered a first pitch breaking ball from Yoshihisa Hirano (3 5) into the left field seats..

It hurts you when you think a guy can come back, but the good thing is we know Alan and LaPhonso won be back, said Steve Smith, taking the most optimistic view. Charlie Ward on Dikembe Mutombo flailing elbows: done it for so long, he probably doesn realize. He sees it on film but he probably doesn realize it his natural tendency.

Won see a big Chinese flower or the Great Wall on a model hat. Designers tend to use subtle ways to express their heritage. Ximon Lee star has been on the rise since 2015, when Kanye West told him he was it, bro with his slick, avant garde tailoring.

And more than three quarters are concerned or extremely concerned thatrising health care costswill result in significant and lasting damage to the economy. Overall, Americans spend $3.5 trillion on health care, which accounts for nearly a fifth of the economy, according to federal data. Spending is expected to rise to $5.6 trillion in 2026..

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