what is ceta decentralized legislation

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Added: Regarding Yves Daoust’s comment, I read the question, “Why does it work [if angles are taken in radians] and only then?”, as asking, “Why do the derivative formulas for $ sin$ and $ cos$ take their familiar form when (and only when) $ sin$ and $ cos$ are $2 pi$ periodic (rather than $360$ periodic)?” If this interpretation is correct, and if one accepts that one full turn of a circle is both $360$ units of one type (degrees) and $2 pi$ of another (radians), then the above formulas are equivalent to $ sin’ = cos$ and $ cos’ = sin$, and (I believe) do justify “why” we use the $2 pi$ periodic functions $ cos$ and $ sin$ in calculus rather than $ cos^ circ$ and $ sin^ circ$. After this, it’s trivial to see $ mathbf{x}( theta) = ( cos theta, sin theta)$ is a unit speed parametrization of the unit circle (its velocity $ mathbf{x}'( theta) = ( sin theta, cos theta)$ is obviously a unit vector). Consequently, $ theta$ may be viewed as defining a numerical measurement of “angle” coinciding with “arc length along the unit circle”, and $2 pi$ units of this measure equals one full turn..

5. Energy Greed: Coal, Oil and Natural GasOil as a fuel and as a base for other products is a problem even if there were no Global Warming. In fact, most of what we do with oil might even be done with peanuts, according to George Washington Carver’s hundreds of developments that created products from this one plant.

If we have the money to cut corporate taxes, which do absolutely nothing for the average American except for big shareholders, then we can provide low income assistance. You and I paid taxes last year so that Apple could get a net tax reduction of 6.7 Billion. If that 6.7 Billion got distributed to low income earners, every dollar would go straight back in the economy within a month, and there would be thousands and thousands of Americans much better off than they are now.

Some situations, bring us to a point of seeing God for who He is. And God is not in competition and He is a jealous God. When we become spoilt and we begin to throw tantrums when He fails to provide what we want, just like our earthly father, He gets jealous and He begins to take away something’s so that you don’t see things and adore things more than Him.