The Managing Director will notify the Chairman in writing of any determination by the Board in relation to the Advisory Council. The Advisory Council reports its advice to the Board and particulars of this advice are noted in the Annual Report. The Board is required to have regard to the advice of the Council.

I really can’t count how many times I’ve gotten great info from her and thoughtful comments on my hubs. Petra Vlah is a tough cookie and extremely intelligent. She has written hubs that made me think about social and personal issues as well as politcs.

It not top tier but we still made the playoffs in 15/16 years at one point. And we spent 3 years on a rebuild. Remember, 3 other FOs had the chance to pick Doncic and all passed on him. Showing support for action sports in New York, Air in the Square has a strong list of marketing partners. Morgan Chase, vitaminwater, Infinity by Harman, Stride Gum, Harris Technology, and Oakley; official hotel for the event is the Eventi Hotel and hospitality partner is The Ainsworth. All partners will have on site branding and activation at Air in the Square, VIP hospitality, as well as integration into the digital signage surrounding the event space in Times Square.

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The Commodore had radiator and engine damage and checks revealed Oakley had never held a driver’s licence. He told police he panicked and attempted to lose them by turning off his headlights before his engine seized from overheating. He admitted to driving “at maybe 160km/h”..

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Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats, has enjoyed an enhanced profile this electionClegg was elected to the Commons in 2005 and was party leader by the end of 2007LibDems back proportional representation, which would give them more seats in parliamentThe closeness of the general election could see Clegg take a kingmaker roleLondon, England (CNN) For years his party has been an also ran in British elections, but a scandal and a debate have put Nick Clegg in a position no Liberal Democrat party leader has held in recent memory: potential kingmaker.Clegg, a 43 year old who speaks five languages and has been a British lawmaker for only five years, is riding high in the polls on the back of confident performances in the first ever debates between party leaders during a UK election.Perhaps unprepared for how well Clegg would play on TV or how skillfully he would exploit voter anger at the two big parties, Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Conservative leader David Cameron took his side often in the first debate, in mid April.”I agree with Nick,” they said repeatedly, and by the next morning, the phrase was everywhere: on posters and t shirts, in newspapers, online, on television.But who, exactly, is Nick?Even in the southwest of England a Liberal Democrat stronghold many people don’t seem to know.CNN anchor Max Foster hit the campaign trail with Clegg there just days after his star making TV debate performance, and found few people knew he was in town, or even who he was.But Foster found Clegg was much the same person off screen that he was in front of the cameras.”I remember he came up to us once and we all pulled out our notepads and he said: ‘Well you can interrogate me if you want but I just came to say hello,'” said Will Pavia, who covers Clegg for The Times newspaper. “He’s quite quick witted. There’s the occasional awkward joke but mostly he comes over quite well charming, like he is on camera.”Clegg has an impressively varied pedigree a Dutch mother, a half Russian father, a Spanish wife which he cites as the reason he speaks so many languages.