Stevenson was named MW Co Freshman of the Year after playing in every game while ranking second on the team and sixth in the conference with a .356 batting average in his first year of collegiate baseball. The Fremont, Calif., native is a two way player, but earned this award for his accomplishments as a lead off batter and left fielder. Stevenson posted 74 hits, 54 runs and 25 RBI and ranked fifth in the nation among freshmen in batting average..

See 21 miles of creative hay bale sculptures during the What the Hay contest held in conjunction with the Utica Day Fair in Montana. Expect a steady stream of traffic starting in the early morning, craning their necks to see this year’s creativity with names like Cook Hay Monster, Hay lery Clinton and Har Hay Davidson. There are categories for adults and children ages 12 and younger.

Still, those outlets might not want to trumpet the endorsement too loudly because the mayor made it by way of criticizing the Toronto Star. It’s the latest move in an unusual campaign his administration has waged against the paper for a July, 2010, article that put his nose out of joint, about his aggressive style as a high school football coach. Mayor Ford initiated legal action, which has lapsed..

Sea, whose waves swing in time with the moon, croons Hagar to her baby. Dreams have been lost, and my wounds are laid bare to the waters. Alyousef and Shehab (who just became a Canadian citizen) have had a busy few years, getting their children settled, learning English and upgrading their job skills, they have not set aside their artistic ambitions..

The center recently added Maine only auditory oral education program, which helps profoundly deaf children learn to listen and speak with the assistance of cochlear implants. The implants need to be programmed monthly. Until recently, people in Maine had to travel to Boston or Vermont to have their implants reprogrammed.

The first step to maintaining upholstered furnishings is to protect it. Slipcovers that could be removed and cleaned are a great deal easier than tackling stains or wear on furniture. If you don’t desire to cover the whole piece you can use arm covers, seat cushions, and related partial coverings for the spots in which get the most use..

Financing: To get the farm off the ground, you will need some form of financing or capital. This could be in the form of a savings account, borrowing money from a business partner or family, and/or grants or loans from government agencies. You may also have cash flow through another source of income, like a part time job or another farming endeavor, that can be used to pay for expenses and keep your farm running..