Reinvent your style with a simply classic pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. Lightweight plastic ZYL hinged frames. Glass lenses offer 10.0% UV protection. GEOFFREY HOWARD MULHOLLAND July 6, 1934 May 24, 2016 Geoff passed peacefully at Royal Victoria Regional Health Care Centre surrounded by his loving family. A wonderful son, father, grandfather, husband and friend, he was wrapped in the warm embrace of the music he played and the people who loved him. Geoff was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

After Autry enlisted and served in World War II, he began to focus more on business investments and undertook a series of shrewd purchases of radio stations. By the time he retired as an entertainer in the early 1960s, his broadcast holdings had increased to include television. In 1992 he was the only entertainer turned businessman listed on the Forbes 400.

He has no such nostalgia for last year. There were major floods here in 1973 and 2008, but 2018 was worse. Hundred year old homes that had never flooded couldn keep the water out. Schuurman, who was on the Rapid Fire board for six years, grins. “When we were at the Varscona,” where Rapid Fire used to be a resident company, “we used whatever theatre set was there. Now that we’re in the Zeidler,” he says of Rapid Fire’s headquarters at the Citadel Theatre.

Fifteen of Jones’ works, from etchings to oils, are shown. Jones moved in 1933 from New York to Gatlinburg where he opened his Cliff Dwellers shop. The exhibit includes his long handled paintbrush and a brown canvas coat with its left sleeve covered in swipes of deep blue paint.

Most of Christian’s care was covered by his parents’ insurance. But one bill stood out. Med Trans, the air ambulance company, was not part of the family’s health plan network and billed $36,000 for the 34 mile trip from the mountain to the hospital.

I’m sick of waking up to headlines revealing that millions of Americans had their information stolen because a billion dollar company failed Cybersecurity 101. Corporations will only take Americans’ privacy seriously when CEOs are held personally accountable. Frank Pallone Jr.

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If using a Zoku pop maker, cover and refrigerate the chocolate banana mixture for several hours, until well chilled. Have the Zoku maker thoroughly frozen (24 hours). Insert the Zoku plastic sticks into its molds as directed. THE ATA SANCTIONS MANY MAJOR SHOOTS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. INCLUDE THE GRAND AMERICAN, SATELLITE, SATELLITE GRAND AMERICANS, ZONE SHOOTS, AND STATE SHOOTS. THE GRAND AMERICAN IS THE WORLD’S LARGEST SHOOTING TOURNAMENT AND ATTRACTS 6,000 7000 COMPETITORS EVERY YEAR.