Hutchison’s third generation, or 3G, phone unit posted a HK$10.6 billion ($1.36 billion) operating loss in the first half of 2005, the company said yesterday. The unit spent $337 for each new subscriber it gained. Mobile 3G services provide Internet access 100 times faster than older networks, allowing users to download video clips and play online games..

Suffrage memorabilia and objects on view: Those attending will also have an opportunity to view a display of objects connected with the woman suffrage movement. One of the most notable is a letter from Febb Esminger Burn of Niota to her son Harry, in which she urges him to vote “yes” on the 19th Amendment. Changing his previous “nay” to an “aye,” Burn broke the tie in the Tennessee Legislature in what is remembered by history as one of our nation’s most famous and influential votes.

Shadow treasurer Michael Daley congratulated Mr Baird. ”We expected to be in opposition . We congratulate them and Mike Baird,” he told the Seven Network. Dayton currently trails Colorado in the Turner Conference Standings by just two points. The Gems have played one game fewer than the Eagles this season, Colorado has played six games (5 1 0 record) while the Gems have played five games (4 1 0 record). Game one of the two game weekend series on Friday, could put the Gems in a tie for first place with a win over the Eagles, which would set up a terrific matchup on Saturday in a battle for elite status in the Conference and owning first place all to themselves.

It offers supreme contrast and a warm, subtle bronze tint. Maui Rose lens is great for everyday, sunny to overcast conditions. It supplies the highest contrast, making it perfect for fast moving sports. When asked to comment on why he felt so strongly about the installation of this flagpole, Tucker replied, you know I owe my leg to this clinic and as a veteran I wanted to give back in some way. I received the best care here at the highest quality. Just because the sign says it free, doesn mean that the staff doesn care.

Coakley said she is also adding to her foreclosure prevention staff. She’s recently hired two people for her Springfield office and plans to add a third. Also, there will be grant money available to community groups that focus on home ownership and foreclosure prevention.

She adds that she is thrilled to have won one of the most influential of professional research awards in her field. “I’ve been a member of the Biophysical Society since I was a young graduate student at the University of California, Santa Barbara. My earliest memories of these meetings include standing at my poster with famous microtubule biophysicists coming by to talk to me.