The Malcolm Pinder trophy for Best Youth Drama went to Bingley Arts Centre junior company Kaleidoscope, for their original stage adaptation of Charles Dickens novel A Tale Of Two Cities, and first time entrants to the Festival Dixon City Academy of Bradford were thrilled when their student Bethany Gregory was named Best Actress for her portrayal of Portia in Shakespeare The Merchant of Venice. Best Actor went to Jude Connolly of Kaleidoscope for his subtle and skilful portrayal of Sidney Carton in A Tale of Two Cities. The late and much loved Ilkley Playhouse and Wharfedale Festival of Theatre stalwart Pat Dyson who donated this trophy to the Wharfedale Festival would have very much approved..

Are really big chucks of rock that fly into the earth atmosphere and they are absolutely stunning in brightness, Delaney said. Will some those in tonight shower. Paul Delaney joins Kelly Cutrara on the John Oakley ShowThe Perseid meteor shower generally starts in mid July and peaks before mid August, as a result of the Earth passing through a trail of debris associated with a comet known as Swift Tuttle..

Today, you already have the option to go online. The Sheriff office has a webpage where you can get information from. But the data you are going to get would not be complete, it will only provide you the basic information you need.. Well, the simple answer is that none of them are the good guys. And according to people who believe Khamenei, they think that he as the Supreme Leader is the supreme jurisprudence. He is the person who can interpret the teachings of the Koran and run the country at the same time..

When I lived in Uley our house was just outside the village at the bottom of another local Cotswold hill called smallpox. From the top of the Bury, Uley village is easily visible, as is smallpox and on a fine day Wales can also be seen in the distance. It wasn’t until recently that I learnt that the top of the Bury, which is flat, was in fact an Iron Age hill fort dating to around 300 BC..

Impact of Biomass Burning emission on total peroxy nitrates: fire plume identification during the BORTAS campaignAruffo, E., Biancofiore, F., Di Carlo, P., Busilacchio, M., Verdecchia, M., Tomassetti, B., Dari Salisburgo, C., Giammaria, F., Bauguitte, S., Lee, J., Moller, S., Hopkins, J., Punjabi, S., Andrews, S., Lewis, A. C., Palmer, P. I., Hyer, E., Le Breton, M.

Charlestown: Samuel Chavez, Tomas Quino, Jeffrey Toro. CASH: Teshawn Bowman Gandy, Lucky Jean, Jovadinho Joseph. East Boston: Sebastian Macias, Julio Melgarm, Leandro Villa. This is, of course, the value of democracy.Democracy is a political ideal so cherished that some have been prepared to sacrifice their lives to help secure it. The 18th century political philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau argued that democratic processes are the very foundation of civil society.These democratic processes deserve protection from those, both inside and outside parliament, who would seek to subvert them. And taking the value of democracy seriously entails that legislation which ought to be passed will sometimes not reflect a particular parliamentarian’s own moral convictions, no matter how deeply they are held.Recent surveys suggest that there is widespread support in the Australian community for allowing embryonic stem cell research.