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Atop gorgeous production from Martin Sky, Melo flexes his vocals with an energetic delivery that refuses to sit still on “Drain U.” Stretching his voice back and forth, frequently straining his limits before bringing things back down, Melo is improving track by track. His dinky, raw production is instantly enjoyable, and tracks like “Six Forty Seven” and “Long Live” have become part of the regular rotation. Focusing on melodies and a gentle ambience, provides a really nice change of pace from the rest of the artists with big numbers on SoundCloud.20 year old producer and singer Lund has amassed some crazy stats on SoundCloud over the past few years, and he’s done it all from behind a veil of anonymity.

I am not sure exactly when it became clear to me that Daddy did not believe in God or an afterlife. He was a very honest, moral, and upright person who taught those values to us children. His word was his bond, and he expected the same honesty from others.

It often given to first time offenders who clearly did the crime, but are given what basically a 6 month probation to prove they won do this again, and THEN the charges go away.If Oakley was really in a mad rage as Dolan claims there would have been at least ONE piece of video evidence with the 100 of cameras that are in MSG. The only evidence that was released by Dolan was that ridiculous and purely fabricated “witness statements” by his employees and none of it shows any video proof. Cuban is a b tch”.

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