Drawing upon more than 30 years of experience, we will continue to craft inspirational and innovative bags to be part of your life’s journey. QUALITY High quality 600D Polyester, professionally weaved seams offer long lasting use. DIMENSIONS 18″ x 11.5″ x 10.5″ (LxWxH) CAPACITY1950 cu in / 32 L WEIGHT 2 lbs 8 oz / 1.1 kg About Us Life is a journey to the peak of the highest mountain This has been our goal and vision since 1982 in creating functional and stylish bags for our daily adventures.

Duck Egg Blue?? Talk about Quaking Up!Isn’t it sad that these forums have achieved the desired level of communication one could reasonably expect from an introverted approach to that outwardly important issue once described as enjoying the company and humor of like minded people!Ho Hummmm. I’m so glad that Unicorns and other past missing hubbers were extroverts and offered an enjoyable experience during their time here. Lately the HP forums are akin to the silence that one experiences after an earthquake! Why such an active and fun community activity would be systematically destroyed and broken down intentionally I’m sure has been asked by many of us who appreciated the value of what was a great community that didn’t previously divide and redirect its members!Real Time Chatby Person of Interest 18 months agoI have a vague recollection I tried this before.

Only the lover of art gets lyrical about an apparently lonesome tree along the road, a windmill etched into the sky, the beautiful blue sky, a floating snow white cloud looking familiar and silos growing from midgets into giants as they get closer while the miles to them disappear into the past. Eventually in Lichtenburg the traveler will realize that thousands of people actually live in the region.Lichtenburg Rich in history and culture, Lichtenburg (town of light) was in 1925 1935 the home of thousands of prospectors in search of diamonds after a large diamond was discovered in the area. The total diamonds discovered during this period was approximately 7 million carats, including the world’s largest flawless red diamond, known as the ‘pigeon blood red’.Bakerville near Lichtenburg on the Zeerust road was the richest public diggings ever mined.

June 2 Joseph Clayton Beaver, 17, 402 N. Center, stabbed in the heart May 25 while on the sidewalk at 341 W. 400 North during an argument with a 15 year old boy. Leading the way offensively is fullback Colton White and running backs Matt Lloyd and Bronson Olevao. The team returns just one starter on the O line, Tevita Tuha. The defense is led by Caden Hilborn and Fusi Pakofe on the defensive line, while Olevao is a strong returning safety.