Arrest occurred in 17 patients who had transgressed MET call criteria and in three patients who had not transgressed call criteria within six hours prior to arrest. A total of 13 patients died either at the time of arrest or within 24 hours. Of these deaths, 12 occurred in patients who had transgressed MET call criteria and one in a patient who had not.

Kruesi also reports that Sen. Jim Guthrie, R McCammon, was one of just a few Senate GOP incumbents to receive nothing from his party caucus during the reporting period. Senate President Pro Tem Brent Hill, R Rexburg, who gave to 15 other contested Senate races, told the AP he forgot to give Guthrie a contribution, and would call Guthrie and donate to his campaign soon.

Added, think the majority party got very uncomfortable with the stance they been taking, and in my opinion, that good. At an earlier public hearing on proposed legislation to expand Medicaid, a doctor from eastern Idaho testified that Idaho failure to take action on Medicaid expansion over the past three years has resulted in the premature deaths of nearly 1,000 Idahoans.Outside the Idaho House and Senate chambers during the final two days of this year session, two colorful floral funeral wreaths were set up, with a sign in the center saying, the Gap Now, Not One More Death. Senate vote on the amended plan was 27 8, with just eight Republicans dissenting, including four from North Idaho: Sens.

If you towed the vehicle at the direction of the police department, you will need to work with them. If it was a private tow, such as from a private “no parking” area, there are laws about abandoned property. You should speak with a lawyer in your area.

The extra work has pushed me into overload. I am exhausted and worn and dreaming even more of warmer days. Dreams of fishing and loafing about with not a care in the world haunt my subconscious mind. I DO LOVE THE RUN UP TO THE grouse shooting season. The “rifles” will be out to “slaughter” (and sometimes “blast”) thousands of little birds “reared” in “pens”. Not even Annie Oakley could hit a grouse with a semi automatic.

Lastly, I must note a painful irony: Mr. Romney, in his infamous “47%” remarks, decried those who supposedly identify themselves as victims and refuse to take responsibility for their own actions and well being. Yet he paints the entire country as a ‘victim’ of Mr.

Hawkes 2, B. Wilde 2, R. Bunney 1, M. Please be aware to what is happening, with your young minds growing in this generation, for if we do not raise them right, in our own homes. That is the last thing I want to hear, that phone call. That is why I’m so passionate about this topic.