Back stabbing is the evilest of office practices. This is essentially a form of hypocrisy in which a person will say nice things to your face, but do bad things behind your back. One of my prior co workers was once backstabbed by another co worker. Mike Papi started off the top of the seventh with a double to right center. He advanced to third on a Greg Allen shot that was caught by Reyes in center at the wall. Oscar Mercado reached on a walk to give Columbus runners at the corners with one out.

(Well, down to a certain age. Some stuff in here not appropriate for really young kids.) It’s the kind of book you give someone who is convinced they don’t like to read, especially if they liked the Twilight movies or Buffy on TV. Action packed, nerve wracking and dilemma filled.

Nystad et al,16 using data from a population based study of 135000 Norwegians who were followed for 21 years, found that on average for every one unit increase in BMI above 20 kg/m2 the risk of self reported asthma increased by 10% in men and 7% in women. In addition to these examples, there have been several other longitudinal studies which have evaluated this relationship.16 21 Beuther and Sutherland performed a meta analysis of these prospective epidemiological studies and reported that, in aggregate, these studies demonstrated a dose dependent relationship between BMI and the incidence of asthma,22 with overweight increasing the odds of incident asthma by 38% (odds ratio (OR) 1.38 (95% confidence interval (CI) 1.17 to 1.62)) and obesity increasing the odds by 92% compared with normal body weight (OR 1.92 (95% CI 1.43 to 2.59)). In aggregate, while these findings suggest that overweight and obesity do increase the risk of developing asthma, the reliance in many of the cited studies on self reported rather than physiologically defined asthma leaves open the possibility that participants are experiencing respiratory symptoms for reasons other than asthma..

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