Choose from your favorite colors! Dimensions: 14L x 12.75W x 10H inches. Lid lifts for extra storage capacity. Constructed with a low center of gravity, hard to tip. Milo, on the other hand, our senior boy, had very bad teeth when we adopted him. They were practically worn to the gums from chewing rocks, I sure. He started drooling even more when he developed a tumor under his tongue that finally took him from us.

And then the Lakers won a championship, in part because the Celtics did not have the injured Perkins for Game 7. Boston won’t have the brute size to overwhelm the Knicks, but that was its own choice. It will have Garnett and Pierce and Allen and Rajon Rondo, all playoff hardened and tested..

McIntosh is being charged as an adult.Brehmer, McIntosh, and Leyland are in the custody of the Department of Corrections and will be arraigned Tuesday, according to the Alaska Department of Law.The juvenile defendants are also currently in custody, the Department of Law said.Schilmiller will be arraigned once extradited to Alaska, the Department of Law said. He is currently in federal custody for child pornography charges.Federal court documents allege Schilmiller had also directed Brehmer to sexually assault an or 9 year old and a 15 year old and send videos to him. Brehmer told investigators she did, and video of the 15 year old was recovered by investigators.It is unclear who is Schilmiller attorney or if federal charges have been brought against Brehmer.CNN has reached out to Leyland attorney, Claire DeWitte, but request for comment has not been answered.

Now, let $ tau : Theta rightarrow [0,1]$ be some function that maps the parameter to a number in the unit interval. The tail function $ tau$ controls the tails of the probability interval that is used to derive the confidence interval. There are an infinite number of confidence intervals corresponding to the possible choices of tail functions controlling these tails..

1 2 One area in which this principle has long been applied is prenatal testing. Specific initiatives have been launched to promote women’s awareness of best evidence on the effectiveness of specific tests and active participation in decisions about their care.3 The number of conditions for which screening is offered continues to grow rapidly, and women consequently face increasingly complex decisions.4 Studies have illuminated many dimensions to this complexity, including the professional and organisational barriers to informed choice,3 the huge variations in the scope and accuracy of information given,5 and the problem of receiving unsolicited and unanticipated information from screening.6 What is also clear is that informed choice depends on an effective partnership between the user, the provider and the communication medium.Throughout the NHS, efforts are being made to evaluate traditional methods of conveying information, such as leaflets, and to develop and assess new approaches. This paper reports the results of a recent trial to evaluate a touch screen information system for providing information on prenatal tests to women.