Niemand heeft dat met zekerheid kunnen bewijzen. En daarom wil ik ook absoluut niet dat het huidige klimaat akkoord door gaat (wat die smerige ratten dus al wel snel nog even hebben door gedrukt voordat FvD in de 1e kamer komt). Het klimaat akkoord wat ons miljarden gaat kosten, terwijl niemand met zekerheid kan zeggen dat dit daadwerkelijk helpt aan de klimaatverandering.

Frequently, buildings would have sunken floors with planks covering them. These pits may have been used for storage, but many of them appear to have been used for filling with straw to be used as winter insulation. Several structures have sunken holes up to nine feet deep, suggesting a storage or work area below the suspended floor.

Tulsa defenseman Tyler Fleck played in his 707th career CHL game on Sunday in the Oilers loss in Missouri. Fleck moved past Chris Richards for fourth on the league’s all time games played list and is now just one game behind Joe Burton for third place on the list. Jason Duda is second at 745 games and Travis Clayton is the all time leader with 880 games.

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For me Gold Rush would more interesting without all the fake drama. I don mind them recreating (without telling me) a ruptured hydraulic line and showing an interesting bush fix. I like seeing that. Coward’s text seems perfect for a performance in college grounds. The play is deliciously smart and peppered with ferociously witty lines. It mostly feels a piece of its time, but it does occasionally sparkle with relevance.

The personal property tax is shaping up to be one of the key issues of the 2013 legislative session. For years, the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry has lobbied for the tax to be repealed or phased out. Lawmakers and Gov. Keeping ourselves amused listening to a speech by Adolf Hitler, on an old Cossor radio that had a very large battery in the back and an accumulator. I never knew what the accumulator did or what purpose it served. The radio was quite crackly but we all listened to the ranting and raving of this German, who they called the Fuhrer..