Premier Div: Deddington v Bardwell, Highfield Old Boys v Sinclair Utd, Cropredy v Woodford Utd, KEA v Steeple Aston. Div 1: Bloxham v Abba Ath, The Swan v Middleton Cheney, FC Naranja v Hornton, Heyford Utd v ishops Itchington. Div 2: Brackley Spts v Bodicote Spts Res, FC Lan gford v Highfield Old Boys Res, Banbury Tn v Hard wick Old Boys, Kings Sutton Res v Wroxton Spts..

This brings up another good point: stallions rarely make good mounts for children or inexperienced horsemen. Even so, we once had an Appaloosa stallion that my kids could ride and handle easily. Boss was bomb proof, even around mares in heat. Had he never seen a Don Leave Valuables in Your Car sign? Even crazier: the vehicle was not left in a VIP lot at the stadium or even a regular lot with some kind of attendant. It was three blocks from Oracle Park. HE PARKED ON THE STREET.

1997 to 2005, Elliott appeared in the red and white in the Hollywood Christmas Parade, the annual event that, in 1946, inspired Gene Autry and Oakley Haldeman to write Comes Santa Claus. Competition was steep, but Elliott was able to land the part because he could say Christmas in half a dozen different languages, and he was able to demonstrate his mastery of the two voices of Santa: the big, booming voice for parades and driving reindeer, and the conversational voice with which to ask the perennial question, what would you like for Christmas? the strangest moment of the audition came when they asked him to eat a cookie and drink a glass of milk. Elliot, mindful to keep crumbs out of his beard, said, that looks delicious! I save that for later, and put the cookie in his pocket..

Five years ago, Barry County Sheriff’s deputies found Kik’s lifeless bodyoutside the BTPD station. The deputies, responding to a request from a 911 dispatcher for a welfare check on the chief, discovered that he had killed himself with a self inflicted gunshot. An investigation by the Barry Township Council discovered that the chief had maintained a secret checking account into which he illegally deposited the proceeds from vehicle inspection fees..

Call 858 1422. To noon, NHC Healthcare. Firestone Auto, 762 S. Portland is expecting teenage duo Aaron Shepherd and Toby Oakley to become regular senior players. Shepherd has committed to his home club after coming through the TAC Cup system, while Oakley featured at senior level as a 16 year old in 2017. Crane said Shepherd’s height, ability to read the play and stoppage work made him a handy midfield forward option and rated 198cm Oakley as “a big lump of a kid who has got a beautiful set of hands and skills”.