So I a nerd and am miffed at how uneducated I am compared to people my age finishing their Masters now, but I also very into personal finance. I glad I not in crazy debt, I glad I have four years of college to look forward to, I glad I gotten to get through a regionally accredited AA and then some while in. Overall, I don regret it, however, I do feel behind the power curve in some respects.

I had a nightmare last night and tonight. I just woke up from a dream that I was drinking a beer on an outdoor patio with two old friends. I hugged them goodbye and stood up to leave. After years of fluctuating health, including many canceled gigs, Allman died Saturday at age 69. Media reports said it was from complications of liver cancer; a statement from the band said he died “peacefully at his home” in Savannah, Ga. He is the second member of the Allman Brothers band to die in 2017; drummer Butch Trucks died from a self inflicted gunshot wound in January..

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Guys were sharing it. A lot of assists. They were going hard to the offensive boards. First: How is the dark web used?Dark web users use bitcoins for anonymous payments to purchase the services they want without fear of being tracked by the FBI or any other government agency. The only way for users to access the dark web is to download a special browser that allows them into the 96% of the internet that is not accessible by traditional browsers like Google, Bing, and Firefox. I’ll leave it to you to find the exact browsers, but I do NOT recommend using the dark web because if you are not extra careful and don’t take ALL of the extra precautions, you can be tracked and possibly harmed by someone from the dark web..

Is the first opportunity this country ever seen, in recent memory, that from coast to coast, from the east to the west, we have like minded premiers, said Ontario Premier Doug Ford. Premiers that want their provinces to thrive, this is incredible for the entire nation. New Brunswick Blaine Higgs, the Northwest Territories Bob McLeod and Saskatchewan Scott Moe joined Kenney in Calgary the day before a gathering of all provincial and territorial leaders in Saskatoon this week.