Two functional pockets are attached; the perfect solution for storing bathroom accessories or bath toys. 100% polyester. Complete your Trains and Trucks Collection with coordinating Trains and Trucks comfor read more. Why This Poem is Not a Good Swap QuatrainYou can see that I did use aa, bb rhyme just fine, and I did swap the phrases around from lines 1 to 4 in each stanza. However, this is not a very good swap quatrain! That’s because the 3rd lines of each stanza do not blend seamlessly into the 4th lines. To write a good swap quatrain, it must appear, when you read lines 3 and 4, that they were meant to go together as if they could stand alone in another poem.

VideoAmp is transforming the way brand marketing and media is valued, bought, and sold. The majority of TV, OTT and digital video advertising is valued by how many people saw an ad versus whether or not the ad impacted the marketer’s desired business outcome. This results in massive waste and lost opportunities.

Updated 2/26/2019I’m celebrating four months of being free of the LuLanightmare that many consultants faced. With the information I have now and the current quality of the items being shipped to consultants, I don’t recommend any of the sizing mentioned below. In fact, I don’t recommend the clothes at all.

1B R R Shari Needham Sr. CF R R Holly Woods Jr. OF L L. Nothing Could Hold Her BackAung San Suu Kyi never really got to know her father before he died when she was three. She knew a lot about him; General Aung San was a national Burmese hero, fighting for Burma’s independence from Britain only to be assassinated on the eve of its liberation. Suu Kyi learned about him through books and through the stories her relatives and his friends told, and while she admired him greatly, Suu Kyi never planned to be anything like him..

Sean came back home to Chicagoland after more than two years as weekend anchor at WWBT TV, the NBC affiliate in Richmond, Virginia. He grew up watching Chicago news but has lived and worked throughout the Midwest, reporting in Fargo, North Dakota, Madison Wisconsin, and Rockford, Illinois. In 2009, the Associated Press recognized Sean again for his special report on the student journalists who were the first on the scene of the NIU shootings..

Before any of you panic, or for those of you who don know me well You know that beautiful brunettehygienist? The one with the gorgeous eyes I referred to above? is my girlfriend Amanda. She has been my rock through this whole thing, and yes, when I first saw her on the steps of the boston public library it most certainly was love at first sight. I should have mentioned it last blog, but better late than never Happy Two Year Anniversary Sweetheart, I love you more than words.