A Pentagon memo said the parade will wheeled vehicles only, no tanks, adding that must be given to minimize damage to local infrastructure. Not having the tanks and Bradleys drive on DC streets as part of the July 4th festivities, planners hope to avoid any potential damage. As there are currently no armored vehicles stationed in DC, the vehicles are likely to be brought into DC via trains and transported to the location on the back of trucks..

You have to admire Nikita Whitlock. Heck, in the final preseason game, the Giants trotted Whitlock out at defensive tackle, the spot he played (very well) for Wake Forest. At the time, it seemed like the short handed Giants were just trying to get out of the summer in one piece.

The essence of the plot was secrecy; the railroads’ advocates hoped to get the bill through Congress without any public notice or hearings. When the angered Huntington confronted Bierce on the steps of the Capitol and told Bierce to name his price, Bierce’s answer ended up in newspapers nationwide: “My price is one hundred thirty million dollars. If, when you are ready to pay, I happen to be out of town, you may hand it over to my friend, the Treasurer of the United States.” coverage and diatribes on the subject aroused such public wrath that the bill was defeated.

Apr. 27: St. George Church presents their Spring themed Messy Church Fling with Jesus on April 27th from 5 7pm, in St. 1990 Hundreds gathered Friday night at War Memorial Gym to show their support for the re election bid of Gov. John Waihee in an evening that featured local entertainment, local food and a call for local help from Maui voters. The celebration drew about two dozen protesters who chanted Waihee, Maui says no geo as the governor moved into the auditorium..

He’s appeared in only three games this season (total of 18 minutes), and has the dark cloud of an offseason domestic violence charge hanging above him, but Taylor is a strong, versatile defender who can create off the dribble and knock down catch and shoot 3s from the corner. In the last year of a deal that pays him less than $1 million this year and keeps him in restricted free agency this summer, Taylor represents an opportunity for a value acquisition. He added another two made shots in two attempts Wednesday night under the two minute mark, both in one possession situations..

“Could I borrow a pen?” Jess asked, after digging in her backpack and turning up a handful of change and a warped chocolate bar. She was young. She had the clear eyed beauty of a girl who still believed that, as they used to say, she could be anything she wanted to be.