“Governor Northam said he didn’t have ‘a good excuse,’ but wanted to be accountable,” the report reads. “He said that he simply read the statement he was given, and probably wouldn’t do it over again or issue the same statement. He doesn’t remember anyone running the yearbook by him before it was published.”.

The items included computer hard drives, an iPhone 6, laptops, pistol sales records, checkbooks,three bank bags of money, receipts and documents, some of them containing reservist records.Reznick has not been charged with any crime.In the past, Reznick has saidmany of the Oakley reservists donated money butwerenot required to do so. He said they did it out of goodwill.With Oakley’s police force insurance due, donors cover the $20K costThe tiny village of Oakley could not pay for insurance to cover its police department until checks came in from donors. So it tapped a familiar source of extra funding: companies and people associated with the village’s unusual reserve police force that has more than 100 members.The village kept the identities of its reserve force secret and would not surrender them to citizens or in response to an MCOLES subpoena until multiple lawsuits forced the release of reservist documents, including applications bearing the names of wealthy businessmen and celebrities such as Kid Rock.Fish, in October, said the reserve force had long been inactive.Almost 70 percent of the September donations, excluding four money orders, came from companies and people associated with Oakley’s police reserves, a group with more than 100 members.Of the three donors who responded to calls, all were listed in reservist documents.Patrick Raye, owner of a home building company in the Detroit area, said his company’s $500 check to the Oakley Police Department is one of many donations to first responders on this side of the state..

However hard we might try, much of what makes us up has come from someone else. Our moral identities, our religious beliefs, much of our personal knowledge base comes from others. While we certainly modify that knowledge and belief, it is still based on someone else’s thoughts and often the change itself is based on something we did not directly experience.What I would say, based on the dictionary thesaurus, is: Critical Thinking is having the ability to see both sides, positive and negative, and being able to determine which stands out.

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