Shepherd, N. Kaine; B: C. Smith, L. 1.44in big color touch screen 2. The sleek and smooth appearance 3. Multiple sports modes. Support multiple language 4. Heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen monitor. 5. 1.44in big color touch screen 2. The sleek and smooth appearance 3. Multiple sports modes.

But the true victory was in how the two Spanish mallet makers embraced the contest and showed the world how you build a network for marketing exposure for both croquet and all of the mallet makers. Oakley Woods came in third with 115 votes to top the list of mallet makers in North America . And the world outside of Spain.

Based in Boulder, CO, the company sells high performance sportswear in the United States, Canada, and more than 50 countries worldwide. L is an ultra thin membrane that delivers superior waterproofing and breathability. Snow and rain Are blocked from penetrating the outer shell of the fabric, while a moisture transfer system moves perspiration away from you Thin yet protective, the trusted warmth of 3M Thinsulate Insulation is your low profile answer to cold.

Despite the job that Jordan and Pippen did against him last week, Magic Johnson still said the toughest defensive player he ever faced was Dennis Johnson of the Celtics. “He just made me miserable,” Johnson said. Watch for the Lakers to move Byron Scott after his disappointing performance in the Finals. Although the Magic wanted no part of Indiana’s LaSalle Thompson for that No. 10 pick, they probably would reconsider quickly for Detlef Schrempf.

I dislike how Win 10 renders fonts in apps especially in Word 2016. It’s too sharp and contrasty for me. But I’ve found that if I change the scaling of text, apps and other items (Settings/System/Display) from, say, 100% to 125% or 125% to 100% (any change will do), then fonts assume a blurry, slightly smudged appearance that I like and find much easier on the eye.

I wrote in my Predictions article that the Highland/Madison game was a literal coin flip for me. The coin chose wrong. Highland played its best ball of the season against the Bobcats and limited them to 85 yards rushing total. At an age when most fast bowlers are winding down their careers, Oakley is on the rise. He was on the verge of joining the Strikers a couple of years back, but suffered a side strain injury which ruled him out of the tournament. Oakley showed plenty of promise in the junior ranks in Wagga Wagga and had an invitation from Lawson to play grade cricket in Sydney when he was 21.