Like director Alex Garland’s debut, Ex Machina, Annihilation plays out as both science fiction and horror show, though here the latter quality appears much more readily. Natalie Portman’s character enters a mysterious zone known as the Shimmer, and either goes insane or mutates to become something else entirely. Annihilation raises a lot of questions without being too lofty, and as it builds to a bizarre conclusion, we can’t help but be entranced by this freaky new universe.

If you get something that is bought maybe once a day or less than you either have to take a huge hit and sell way under market value so a mercher will buy it from you OR you need to sit at the AH 24/7 delisting and reposting to undercut the competition. One or two people basically control the entire market for any given commodity on any server. If you try to compete they will literally target you and crash their own market to get you to leave it and send you nasty mail like ” I do glyphs on this server fk off bud”.

On land the climate across much of the globe was hot and dry, but there was enough seasonal rainfall to sustain many species of plant. Especially common were hardy conifers, ferns and ginkgo’s, the fossilised remains of which have been found right across the world including the Polar Regions.During the Early and Middle Triassic (248 227 million years ago), the survivors of the Permian mass extinction found themselves living in a world with few competitors and almost no large predators. Herbivorous animals took advantage of this and quickly proliferated, becoming the most common animals on the planet at the time, among their number was a possible ancestor of all living mammals, including us; a strange pig like reptile called Lystrosaurus.

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100% UV protection. Imported. Polycarbonate lens material offers lightweight wear and high impact resistance for added durability. STOAKLEY, Phyllis Muriel 97, of Middleton, NS, formerly of Oshawa, ON, passed away Tuesday, September 22, 2009 in Evergreen Home for Special Care, Kentville, NS. Born in Oshawa, ON, she was a daughter of the late Mark and Ada (Hill) Harland. In early years, Phyllis enjoyed travelling with her late husband, Norman.