It always been pretty popular on a school level IMO. From little league popularity (which has always been a thing too), a lot of girls stuck with the sport while guys went on to baseball, basketball, football (hand version), etc., so even at the collegiate level you have a lot of girls who have been playing it all their lives. Then they compete, bringing the quality up.

During hard times, she helped support her family with the game she caught. Her career as a sharpshooter stated at age 17, when she defeated the noted marksman, Frank E. Butler at a competition in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ct. 150, 65 L. Ed. With just five buttons and no traditional keypad, the FireFly features a “Mom ” and “Dad ” button, which each provide one click access to a preprogrammed phone number. Parents can choose to have these be the only buttons that work, along with an emergency button on the side. Parents can also choose to add 20 other numbers in the phone’s address book or not and can have the phone accept incoming calls from only those numbers.

A harmless sugar coated confection that won’t rot baby’s teeth.’ Kirkus Reviews ‘Wan’s distinctively cute artwork and the irresistible tactile element hit a sweet spot.’ Publishers Weekly Praise for You Are My Merry Little Christmas ‘This board book helps little readers grasp that the true meaning of Christmas is the celebration of the ties that bind us.’ Kirkus Reviews Praise for Peek a Boo Zoo ‘The warm, round illustrations provide a soothing tone, making this a perfect late afternoon read right before naptime.’ Kirkus Reviews ‘Working in her characteristic aesthetic of rounded, chunky shapes, Wan assembles a cute as can be cast that includes a penguin, hippo, and more . A fun addition to the book as game category.’ Publishers Weekly Praise for My Lucky Little Dragon ‘The bold, friendly animals pop off the page with energy.’ Kirkus Reviews Praise for Are You My Mommy? ‘The book radiates warmth with soft curved lines used to form the characters and scenery. Distinct visual patterns add an extra dimension to each page.’ Kirkus Reviews Praise for Hug You, Kiss You, Love You ‘The book maintains the chunky digital graphics of Wan’s previous titles, and clever visual details are everywhere, from thematically patterned backgrounds of bones, waves, and leaves to the recurring heart elements incorporated into the animals.’ Publishers Weekly ‘Simple, boldly outlined art, rests atop bright, patterned backgrounds, and the type is large and playful. An affectionate little book for preschoolers with glitter on the cover!’ Booklist Praise for We Belong Together ‘Manga like characterizations and a chunky, hip design deliver the cuddly sentiment with panache.’ Publishers Weekly read more.