Just license some other app or hire someone that has built one, like those nice fellows that made Podcast Addict and the RSS feed tools. Fire the dumb shits that created what you have now and are so clueless they need the fan sub to explain what wrong to them. They worse than useless.

Things finally began to click for Brooklyn in the fourth quarter, and they clawed their way back. Right off the bat, thanks largely to Sean Kilpatrick, the Nets were able to trim Washington lead to 84 80 in the first three minutes of the period. The following minutes were a back and forth battle between the two teams, and Brooklyn never led for the remainder of regulation, but they did knot it up numerous times..

The 2020 free agent class is weak other than Draymond Green and the slim possibility of Anthony Davis being miserable as a Laker. Davis had wanted to be traded to the Knicks as much as the Lakers, according to a source. More likely, the Knicks would be in line for Giannis Antetokounmpo’s 2021 free agency..

My vet didn’t think she’d survive. They allowed me to visit her while she was in ICU. I talked to her, stroked her and repeatedly said, “Mommy loves Shiloh”. Well, here the thought experiment I do for myself when someone asks me to determine the value of work. If tomorrow all of the cashiers, all of the bank tellers, movie attendants, gas station employees, and food service workers quit tomorrow for better jobs, would society be okay? The answer is that it wouldn because their work is essential on a grand scale. They may be easy to replace on an individual level, but the work they doing is necessary.

They weren’t expecting Superman in the White House, certainly not at a time of major economic recession. They still feel that the new president is a man they can talk to. But they can see that power is moving inexorably from the the G8 to the G20, where Europe’s influence will be diluted by major new players like China and India.

Coming in at number two was Cliff Richard was Living Doll and The Bangles rounded out the top three with Manic Monday, which was written by Prince. The number one album was Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits with Sting’s Dream of the Blue Turtle at number two. In the US, the number one single was Why Can’t This Be Love by Van Halen.

Cameron Wenzel: Customer service is the heart of our business, and we are proud to be one of the few locally owned and operated shops in the area. Your buck stops in Snowmass when you rent or buy anything from us. The character of the town, the old time stories and the passion of the industry are all found within our doors..