Interior Design Outfitters, in a special handcrafted method, create the book set using “designer color.” They are not wrapped in paper or otherspecial handcrafted method, create the book set using “designer color.” They are not wrapped in paper or other wrapping material. Ribbon can be removed and the books placed individually or as a group. Perfect for bookshelves, library, tables, coffee tables or any display in home or office.

The dog days of summer seem like a perfect time to focus on some books with canine characters that have been in my to be reviewed pile for several months now:A wonderful little book, brilliantly illustrated by New Yorker cartoonist Harry Bliss, this tells the story of a little terrier who is a boon companion to middle aged George, but sometimes feels a bit lonely herself.When her owner takes her to a dog park, however, she is overwhelmed and frightened by all the other animals, even the friendly ones: Maurice the St. Bernard is huge and drools; Fifi is small, excitable and yappy.Rosie tries to stay away from both of them at first, but when Maurice picks Fifi up in his mouth and playfully shakes the tiny dog, it is Rosie who comes to Fifi rescue. Eventually, the three learn to play together and the dog park becomes Rosie favourite destination.Humorously written by and illustrated in comic book panel style by Bliss, this book is perfect for dog lovers of all ages, but especially those four to eight years old.Houndsley and Catina: Through the SeasonsJames HoweHoundsley and Catina exemplify two characters who appear to have resolved any difficulties and found a way to coexist happily despite the obvious differences posed by one being a dog and the other a cat.This paperback volume brings four Houndsley and Catina books for early readers together under one cover, all written by James Howe and lavishly illustrated by Montreal Marie Louise Gay.

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