Additionally, participants assigned to the intervention were invited to a one day workshop. This had been shortened to one day because in a pilot study using an intervention spread across three occasions, too few men had attended all sessions. The intervention drew on the transtheoretical model of behavioural change4 and the model of relapse prevention5; it also included elements of social learning theory and motivational interviewing.6 (A description of the cognitive behavioural intervention is available on the BMJ’s website.) Pairs of trained counsellors from the clinic facilitated the workshops.

Last time I had a nest in my yard I walked out just as a crow was flying away with a baby screaming in its beak. Circle of life and all, but I still covered them up until they were grown. At least when they get picked off by falcons they be old enough to make it a challenge..

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Off the went northbound, until they just entered Kansas. Other people were stuck in the mud there, too. Clyde and Henry helped get the car free. Arriving at the Trevor Basin only seconds apart, Jamal and Connor took the third and fourth canal boats along the aqueduct. Jamal was instantly reminded of learning a German song in Vienna the previous season and felt confident he could repeat his linguistic success here. Meanwhile, a less confident Connor felt he was “back at school and back at memorizing.” After a few minutes tackling the language of the poem, Connor didn’t feel any more comfortable and believed he wouldn’t be able to memorize it.

At first, I admired these girls for their self control, and I read their disordered habits as social graces. How smart of them to realize, I thought, how in tune they are to food etiquette. On afternoons I took the bus home with them, I watched them open refrigerators full of food I only dreamed of the stuff of sandwiches, pastas, fresh produce.

“What he doing is dangerous,” added Booker, who is running for president. To midnight, and had trouble getting him to fall asleep. The company said the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish, north of Vancouver, was not operating at the time of the incident, and that no guests or staff members were injured.

How has this first person, continuous present tense narrative got onto paper at all? This may not interfere with credibility for all readers, but it did for me, as I found I was constantly distracted by wondering about the impossibility of the story I was reading having been recorded. The attempt to represent Maud’s minute by minute subjective experience was a brave one, but felt as though it needed some additional narrative device in order to be credible, such as Maud having made audio recordings that were then transcribed by a third party. Alternatively, given the relatively well preserved recall most people with dementia have for remote events, it may have worked better had Maud’s first person narrative related to the historical mystery, rather than to her halting present day attempts to find Elizabeth..