One of the strongest candidates is a tune few will recognise. Yet for centuries, La Folia has dazzled hundreds of composers and musicians, up to the present day. Its story tells us much about the history of music, and maybe even something about ourselves..

I in no means trying to demean your school, but he didn just steal your traditions. He told people that they misunderstood and they could read into it what they want. Which I said is not owning it. But, I want to be clear that this was not a choice. I didn’t decide to be an atheist. If I had a chance to go to heaven, and live in bliss with loved ones, I would probably take it.

It is encouraging to see the Iraqi government act against Shiite militias in Basra and Sadr City, which sends a signal that they will be equal opportunity enforcers of the law.”More needs to happen. Militias remain powerful in many parts of Iraq. The Sunni tribes that have switched sides must have their members enrolled in the armed forces and police (a process that has moved very slowly so far).

Still thriving in its premier season, the Toronto Stackt Market yields retail shops, food and beverage vendors, services, experiences and festivals for visitors in the heart of downtown. Resting in the King West neighbourhood, the Stackt Market has transformed a parking lot and more than 120 shipping containers into a public space and community hub. Visit the Market to indulge in vegan donuts from Donut Monster, grab a pint from Belgian Moon Brewery and get inked with a temporary tattoo from inkbox Tattoo..

Triple 8’s LIL 8 STAAB Kids Helmet for Skateboarding and Biking is a serious helmet for kid rippers. Triple Eight’s LIL 8 STAAB Helmet is equipped with an adjustable Fit Dial system and a “Pinch Saver” padded chinstrap. Each helmet comes with two sets of washable Sweat saver pads for a custom fit.

Whilst visually impressive and boosting civilian morale it had little effect on the raiders, other than to encouraging them to jettison their bombs before they were over their target. In November 1940, the cruiser HMS Arethusa, that had been refitting at Sheerness following arduous service in the Norwegian Campaign and covering the evacuations from France was moved close to Tower Bridge to add her impressive anti aircraft armament of eight four inch guns plus smaller calibre two pounder ‘pom poms’ to the nightly barrage against the Luftwaffe. The RAF did sterling work but each raid of several hundred bombers was accompanied by hundreds of fighters which the Hurricanes and Spitfires had to deal with before they could reach the bombers.