If you could get three nearly equally sized panels that folded out like a tri fold wallet, you have nearly 900 square feet available. I going to cut that to 750 in order to account for maybe a satallite or some other crap that goes on an RV roof (no clue what that might be but giving conservative estimates here). Depending on the panels used (google gives a lot of varied answers on watts per square foot, between 15 20), we use 15 watts per square foot, which gives us 750 X 15 = 11,250 watts..

The amendment would align the university’s policies with recent federal legislation. The financial impact is likely to be “modest,” according to the action item, and would pale in comparison to the loss of GI Bill funding estimated to be at least $30 million for the more than 1,400 students who receive benefits from the bill that the university would experience if it did not comply with the federal policy. Fewer than 300 GI Bill recipients are nonresidents, according to the university..

She did not have a formal education and suffered from alcoholism.Much of the information about the early years of ‘s life comes from the autobiographical booklet which she dictated in 1896, written for publicity purposes. She was about to begin a tour in which she appeared in dime museums around the United States, and it was intended to help attract audiences. Some of the information in the pamphlet is exaggerated or even completely inaccurate.

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He played the last 38 games of that campaign, then followed up with full seasons of 79, 81, 80, 81 and 82 GP. In other words he’s missed just 7 games in 5 seasons. His career boxcars of 58 91 149 in 447 GP translate to exactly one point every three games, or 27 points per 82.

Excerpted from Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers, Series Two, Volume 1. Edited by Philip Schaff and Henry Wace. American Edition, 1890. Here a link to my Sunday advance story on the session, “Idaho 2014 legislative session underscored by election,” and here a link to my Sunday column, on substitute lawmakers, Otter and legislative leaders pledging to defend the state ban on same sex marriage, and the economic outlook. Click below for a preview of the session and its issues from AP reporter John Miller, headed, Butch Otter puts legislative focus on schools. Can read the Twin Falls Times News legislative preview here, which is headed, issues ahead, major changes unlikely.