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Had facepaint meant to look like apocalypse survivors but instead Krazi looked like Kung Fu Panda, and when I turned round, the screen was full of dodgy nudity and other things not suitable for a family newspaper! Chris laughs: wonder the crowd looked a bit shellshocked. I thought it was the sheer power of our music. And with the first album under their belts, there is already more work in the pipeline.

Organized into groups such as construction, emergency, and farm, the colorful pages feature bright truck photographs to look at and names to read. Learning becomes interactive as children find, then match, the missing stickers to the spaces on the pages. This is a great book to build children’s vocabulary and develop hand eye coordination skills, as well as help children learn about truck.

Foot Shape Last construction allows this style to mold and move with the natural shape of your foot. Easy Walk Supersoft Lightweight outsole offers a wider sole designed to provides added stability and maximum shock absorption. The unique sole designs help make walking easier and more comfortable.