Gov. Butch Otter called this exciting day for the entire state of Idaho, saying, are pleased to announce that the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine has made a commitment to locate on the Idaho State University Meridian Health Care Center campus. And the best part of this is that it will be funded through private investors who will not only build the building at the ISU campus, but they will manage the the medical school, through a public private partnership.

Rockstar’s youthful name indeed belies its disruptive missive. No mean grouping, Rockstar is the big business equivalent of your average patent troll. Much like trolls, the purpose of the group (which is reportedly staffed with lawyers and engineers) is to investigate tech products for patent infringements and file lawsuits.

Gucci: Hold my bag, my belt, and my jeans. A black turtleneck obscures most of the bottom half of her face, save for her mouth, which peeks out through a hole cut out of the fabric. Outlining the mouth hole is a ring of red in the shape of what appear to be lips..

Flour Sponge cakes use self raising flour which is plain flour with a pre added raising agent. This is because you want a sponge cake to be light. The same effect can be gained from using a plain or all purpose flour and adding baking powder. You don’t need to travel out of this world to rock the starbound styling of the Jupiter Squared Iridium from Oakley. Three Point Fit system holds the lenses in precise optical alignment for incredible comfort and worry free performance. Oakley metal icon accents on the side temples.

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After so many hard times in a season of harsh surprises, the New York Knicks clinched a playoff spot Thursday night with, of all things, an easy one. The Knicks, who played the final four months of the season without Patrick Ewing, clinched a postseason spot for the 11th consecutive year with a 108 79 victory over the Toronto Raptors. “Right now tonight we’re just happy to be there, ” coach Jeff Van Gundy said.