I have a pannier and bicycle, and I need to mount the one to the other. The bike is a 1985 Schwinn and the pannier is a Blackburn EX. I’ve tried a Blackburn MTN rack, but my heels bump the bag. In the end, Coakley lost to Baker by just under 40,000 votes. To his credit, Baker graciously let his opponent wait until all the votes were counted. No matter how many hands she shook, the press wouldn’t let her forget a line she spoke four years ago when she was asked whether she was campaigning hard enough.

His father had walked out on them before he was born. He proudly told me his mother was a very remarkable woman. She had always told him he was destined for great things because he was born with a caul. Let also keep in mind that an audience recording with a phone is a dubious claim to competitive infringement. Striking party has to prove potential damages via direct affect on their brand or market. Be an interesting day where someone can “prove” that an audience recording is going to compete with attending an actual show.

RM from Guate you are the silliest person to make a comment on this site today. Even more Silly than the comments from What an idiot because I am sure, an idiot realizes he was the idiot when he said the missionary should have a dishonorable discharge. But you, I don think you realize how much harm you have done to yourself by saying the things you are thinking.

After the Pistons crushed Orlando on Friday night and forward Dennis Rodman had 23 rebounds, center Bill Laimbeer wanted to congratulate his teammate. “Way to go big guy, you and I combined for 27 rebounds tonight.” Laimbeer had just four rebounds, but he hit 7 of 10 shots for 14 points in 21 minutes. “That Bill, he can still have good games against the expansion teams, but that’s about all,” reserve forward John Salley said.

Carbonic TLT lenses have been engineered to be the most impact resistant lens in the world. TLT (Tapered Lens Technology) corrects visual distortion by progressively tapering the lens from the optical center towards the outer edges. Nine base lens curvature creates the ultimate performance enhancing wrap.

Jason R. Gettinger: If an out of it club had a really first rate starting pitcher on the trade market, I would trade Gary Sanchez for that pitcher. Austin Romine is fine, he is a better catcher than Sanchez. Multiple color options available. 100% wool constructed. Created from hand knotted fabric.

“We were absolutely thrilled with the response of Novocastrians and Hunter residents in supporting the marriage equality campaign,” Ms Evers added. Friends and family from Ireland,the United States and the Sunshine Coast tuned in at 11am to watch a livestream of their ceremony via social media. Read more: Marriage Bill passes in the House of Representatives Their wedding was one of three free back to back ceremonies hosted by The Sassy Celebrants on Tuesday the first day same sex couples could legally marry without a waiver in Australia.