Section 8: Quarry Gate 3, Vikings SC B 6; JR Hospital SC A 4, Corner House 5; Butchers Arms 5, Cowley CC B 4. This week 180s: I Moss (2) (Windrush Club), R Bull (Windrush Club), A Larner (Windrush Club), K Barefoot (Goodlake Arms B), M Turnbull (Goodlake Arms B), S Parker (Goodlake Arms B), K Wilkins (Goodlake Arms A), P Krabben (Goodlake Arms A), S Powell (Cowley Workers SC), M Breakspear (Peachcroft SC), A Barrett (The Star), M Stocker (Green Rd SC), A Malyinko (Democrats Club), J Fagg (Democrats Club), R Reveley (Corner House A), C Trinder (Nuffield Lounge), G Newport (Masons Arms B), A Hunter (Marsh Harrier A), M Walls (Original Swan A), R Wilson (Prince Of Wales), C Bustin (Cricketers Arms B), E McHugh (Original Swan B), P Jeffs (Red Lion), S Blake (Donnington C/C A). 100 plus finishes: M Atherton 128 (Nuffield Lounge), S Powell 124 (Cowley Workers S/C), C Hinton 124 (Bullnose Morris A), R Bull 123 (Windrush Club), P Krabben 121 (Goodlake Arms A), B Chahal 118 (Original Swan A), S Colling 118 (Three Horseshoes), M Young 117 (Village Inn A), P Hewlett 116 (Masons Arms B), D Allan 116 (Donnington CC A), J Merritt 113 (Vikings SC A), D Beavan 111 (Marsh Harrier B), M Wheeler 111 (Bullnose Morris A), S Bell 101 (Quarry Gate B)..

The observation area at the top of the structure is where large trapezoids of plate glass allow the viewer to see the surrounding Grand Canyon countryside in all directions. Colter’s careful massing of forms is what added more architectural emphasis to the tower. National Historic Landmark in 1987.

In first grade, a friend and I decided to try the Bloody Mary legend. The school we attended had classrooms in the basement. It was very dark in this area, as there were no windows. Meehan Jr. Damian Meehan Alok Kumar Mehta Raymond Meisenheimer Manuel Emilio Mejia Eskedar Melaku Mary Melendez Antonio Melendez Christopher D. Mello Yelena Melnichenko Stuart Todd Meltzer Diarelia Jovannah Mena Dora Marie Menchaca Charles Mendez Lizette Mendoza Shevonne Mentis Wolfgang Peter Menzel Steve Mercado Wesley Mercer Ralph Joseph Mercurio Alan H.

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